Foster Program

We desperately need volunteers like you to provide both long and short-term in-home care for friendly dogs, cats, and horses in need until they are adopted.

All veterinary care is paid by North Florida Animal Rescue. Food and litter is also provided. By offering your time, love and attention, you prepare your “rescue pet” for adoption into a permanent, loving home.

Four common reasons NFAR rescue pets need foster care:

  1. They are stressed or fearful of being in a shelter environment.
  2. They are too young or underweight to be placed up for adoption.
  3. They need time to heal from an injury or illness.
  4. A female dog/cat and her nursing pups/kittens need a quiet home environment where they can feel safe and receive proper socialization.

Your Duties As a Foster Care Parent:

  • Provide daily care and feeding
  • Socialize your rescue pet and give him plenty of TLC.
  • Provide transportation to and from the shelter for medical appointments.
  • Attend adoption events.
  • Attend training classes, if necessary.
  • Be Committed: These rescue pets will be in your care until they are ready to be placed for adoption. You could have your foster(s) for a few weeks or several months.

How Foster Care Works:

  1. North Florida Animal Rescue (NFAR) receives a rescue pet who is not ready to enter our
    adoption program.
  2. Foster homes are contacted. If you are called to foster an animal and are unavailable, we will find another foster home and call you the next time.
  3. The rescue pet goes to the foster home until ready for adoption. You may need to bring your foster to NFAR to get checked periodically by our veterinarian or to receive any necessary vaccines or treatments.
  4. You may be asked to attend off-site adoption events to help find a new home for your foster rescue pet. You may also be asked to show the animal at your home to prospective families or take your foster to a designated viewing area until a suitable adoption family is found.

Challenges of Fostering:

  • Fostering is not always an easy job.
  • Fostering can sometimes be exhausting.
  • Fostering is often challenging.
  • Fostering may sometimes cost you money.

It can be painful to say goodbye to a foster rescue pet when he or she is ready for adoption, but, fostering can be the most rewarding and fulfilling thing a true animal lover will ever do!

Qualifications for Fostering:
In order to ensure that your foster rescue pet receives the care he or she needs, we ask that you:

  • Have basic knowledge of care and behavior of the species you will be fostering.
  • Attend our Volunteer Orientation and Foster Care Training session.
  • Have a safe, secure space at your home to house your foster dog.
  • Have a schedule flexible enough to allow for routine veterinary exams and vaccinations, as well
    as any emergencies that may occur.
  • Be able to provide transportation for your foster rescue pet to meet with potential adopters on
    a scheduled basis.
  • Be able to commit time and effort in socializing, training and exercising your foster rescue pet as well as providing ongoing input on any behavior changes.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Must consent to a property inspection and thorough background check.

Still want to foster? AWESOME!

Complete a volunteer application and read the foster parent agreement and call us to make an appointment, then bring in your foster application and discuss how you can help us to save a life today.