Research proves that children who are taught to be kind towards animals tend to mature into compassionate adults. At North Florida Animal Rescue, we are guided by an ethic of compassion and are delighted to share this philosophy with our community. We do so by providing presentations to schools and others in the community. We also provide educational opportunities through our various programs including our student volunteer opportunities. We are a resource for students and teachers in our community. In addition, we provide opportunities for adults to learn more about care and training of animals through various workshops and classes for the public. We would love the opportunity to visit with your students, or organization to talk about what we do, and how you can help prevent cruelty and save lives.

Check out some humane links for teachers and home school educators.
American Humane Association offers excellent Be Kind to Animals and Be Kind to Animals…and People, Too! units for K-12 students. All materials are available for download, including a Humane Education Pledge Form. The curriculum is easy for first-time humane educators to use. Please take advantage of these great ideas!

ASPCA’s is a fun page for children.

PETAKids is a website for children, where kids can subscribe for the free magazine GRRR! – a cool, colorful magazine with lots of celeb interviews. You can also download back issues.

Share The World offers excellent reproducible activities and a free video geared to grades 3-5. You can request a free humane education kit to be mailed to you.

The ASPCA’s Animal Lessons page has worksheets and PDF newsletters.

National Association for Humane and Environmental Education offers a Humane Teen website and publishes a wonderful, award-winning newsletter called Kind News. For just $30.00 a year a classroom will receive 32 issues each month and a Teachers Guide. Sponsor a classroom today!

Teach Kind offers lesson plans and videos on many animal welfare issues.

Janie’s Coloring Hats is a fun activity where kids color black and white animal drawings that are then made into hats.

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers units on bite
prevention, “kindness counts” and empathy, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies offers PDF back issues of their humane education newspaper for children.

The National Humane Education Society will mail you a humane education packet including lesson plans, a Teacher’s Guide, tips on connecting with schools, and interactive ways to present humane ed. They will also visit classrooms free in New York, DC, and California. NHES also has a For Kids site with activities, games, scout badge info, and more.

Dumb Friends League of Denver, Colorado has a wide range of lesson plans for all ages.

The Latham Foundation offers humane education publications and videos.

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